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BoE and ECB Interest Rates at a Glance

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 25th October 2012. 

The current interest rates set by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank look to continue to remain low. Are savers encouraged to save anymore?

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EU Leaders Agree on Banking Supervision to Start in 2013

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 19th October 2012. 

The fourth European Union leaders meeting this year has agreed on a single supervisory mechanism to cover all Eurozone banks, so that the ECB could intervene directly to problematic banks and avoid dealing with dangerously high debts as the case of Greece, and recently Spain.

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Currency Pairs Outlook

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 18th October 2012. 

Read a quick and useful outlook on the most traded currency pairs in the world. The useful 30 days trading charts provide insight on the exchange rates market evolution.

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Commodities Outlook October 8 - 12

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 11th October 2012. 

Read more on the trading trends of the gold, silver or oil and see what the experts or brokers recommend. Is the gold the classic safe haven for investors?

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US Economy at Risk

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 10th October 2012. 

Should US do more to resolve their fiscal issues? Could the recent fragile global and US economic recoveries run off the rails? Find out more on the US economy and what currency should you choose to trade between the USD and the EUR.

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To be or not to be… in the Euro zone

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 4th October 2012. 

The latest financial questions for countries in the Eastern Europe such as Greece, Spain, Italy and more. So, will the ECB bond-buying saving plan be able to support all these countries facing a economic crisis? Will the countries be able to repay their debts? How many bailouts can a country benefit from?

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Spain's Bad Banks are introduced to investors

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 3rd October 2012. 

All eyes are on Spain's inevitable, but yet to be announced bailout. Meanwhile all currencies are being affected by the anticipation of the expected bailout.

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A big debtor has as much power as a big creditor!

Posted by Alexandra Malureanu, 2nd October 2012. 

The giant banks and colossal institutions which control the bond and financial markets are ruling the world. Heavily indebted countries are slowly, one by one being forced to ask for bailouts. But, is the European Central Bank able to support the bonds-buying plan it announced in early August?

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