SVC (El Salvador Colon $) to FKP (Falkland Islands Pound £) exchange rate

The ISO code for El Salvador Colon is “SVC” and its symbol is “$”.

Today's exchange rate is 14.0334 SVC to 1 FKP. You can see this the other way around: FKP to SVC exchange rates?

You could compare the El Salvador Colon to other currencies:

Graph of SVC to 1 FKP exchange rate

From: To:
Minimum (Sep 11)
Maximum (Aug 25)

Currency world map for SVC

World currency map

Forex rates over the last week

SVCFKP -1.005
USDEUR +0.672
USDGBP -0.924
USDJPY +1.457
USDCAD +0.033
USDAUD +1.792
EURGBP -1.607
EURJPY +0.790
AUDJPY -0.341
GBPINR +0.674
GBPPKR +0.694

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